Dumaguete Rental Apartments Fully Furnished With Pool And Free Motorbike

Dumaguete Rental Apartments are the cleanest, most secure
fully furnished rental apartments in Dumaguete

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Free Honda Motorbike

Dumaguete rental apartments with large pool are rated five-star by TripAdvisor. Our enclosed compound is surrounded with an electrified 16-foot security wall and a large iron gate. We also have armed guards that patrol at night. Your security is our number one focus. Dumaguete Rental Apartments are located in Barangay Candau-ay, up the mountain, 5 km west of the center of Dumaguete (map and directions). We rent fully furnished studio apartments in Dumaguete. They are the cleanest apartment/condos in the Philippines.

We mainly serve as a “super-secure temporary residence” for new arrivals. We do not charge a higher price for foreigners versus locals. In fact, we often ignore local girlfriends because we know they are not the ones paying the bills. The one paying the rent will get the best price and attention by contacting us directly. We screen potential tenants closely because we want you to live in a happy place with top quality people. We want to know who you are, your age, and a little about your life to make sure you will fit in with our other tenants. If you are a bum, don’t waste your time trying to rent here. We are very picky about who lives here. NO SMOKING OR HEAVY DRINKING ON THE PREMISES—OBNOXIOUS UNFRIENDLY TENANTS WILL BE ASK TO LEAVE.

Our Dumaguete Rental Apartments are available by the week, or by the month. Our tenants are mostly highly respectable retired English-speaking foreigners with wives and girlfriends. We seek only peaceful, quiet, friendly guests who like ultra-clean, surroundings. We do not accept children under 16 years of age. Nor do we accept pets. Two adults maximum per unit.


If you wonder how successful we are, keyword “Dumaguete Rental Apartments” on Google or Bing and see all the copycats trying to gain from our reputation. Don’t be fooled—there is only one Dumaguete Rental Apartments that rents fully furnished studio apartments. We also have the most beautiful pool in Negros Oriental.

Picking a Dumaguete rental apartment over the Internet is difficult because you have no idea what kind of neighbors or landlord you’ll get. Nor do you know what sort of problems you’ll run into after you move in. Obviously, the best way to select a Dumaguete rental apartment is by personal visit and close scrutiny of the neighborhood and apartment management. For this reason, we recommend that you do not struggle to make a decision about where you will live until you are in Dumaguete and able to see with your own eyes.

Your best bet is to stay with us for up to a month. Drive your free motorbike all around the area and look for a nice place that pleases your lifestyle. But since it’s not easy to find a well maintain, ultra safe, sparkling clean, apartment or condo with super fast internet and a beautiful pool, you might want to book a few months, or just stay in one of our fully furnished Dumaguete rental apartments until you find the right place. We are happy when tenants move out because the greater the number of happy tenants we serve, the more referrals and repeat business we get in the long run. We know word-of-mouth referrals are the greatest way to build a business.


Each Dumaguete rental apartment is a studio/condo-style with a large bathroom with hot shower, air conditioning, large fridge with freezer, large fan, microwave oven, big 65+ channel flat screen TV, gas cooking stove, plenty of pots and pans, dishes, silverware, sheets, blankets, towels, pillows, curtains, floor mats, trash cans, broom, mop, and everything else you need. Just bring your clothes. Dumaguete rental apartments does not offer long-term leases until you have lived here for a few months and are sure this is where you want to stay.



Each Dumaguete condo-style rental apartment has it’s own WI/FI modem delivering up to 5-MB. Our long-term tenants work on the internet as writers, web builders, and stock traders. They demand high-speed and reliability; they would not stay here if our Internet was not the best in town. There is also a fast modem poolside. In other words, if one modem gets slow, we have many backups. The main modems are also supplied with separate battery back-ups in case of a power outage. If fast, reliable Internet is important to you, you must check out Dumaguete rental apartments.


There are three gyms nearby and lots of places to walk and jog. Many trails go up the mountain offering a great workout. You can also use one of our free mountain bikes. We are outside the heavy city traffic, but still close to everything. We’re 5 minutes from Silliman University Hospital and campus.  We’re 10 minutes from the airport, the center of downtown, the big shopping mall, the nightclubs, and the beach. We are also 10 minutes from Valencia farmer’s market where you can buy organically grown vegetables.


Each apartment comes with it’s own like-new free motorbike. Small buses, pedicabs, and tricycles to and from Dumaguete City pass in our gate every 5 minutes. The trip to the center of town cost 25 cents and takes six minutes. The transportation terminal serving our apartments is in front of building #2 at the farmer’s market in downtown Dumaguete. Ask for the terminal to Candau-ay. Catching public transportation to and from the Farmer’s Market, where you can buy fresh meat and vegetables, is easy and cheap. So is riding your free motorbike.

We also have our own motorized pedicab with standby driver to drive you anywhere you want to go. Our driver can also run personal errands and do odd jobs for you (small tip expected). In addition, we have a motorized cargo carrier and will gladly help you move in or out. And, we offer free airport pickup and dropoff.

We also have a brand new luxury pickup truck for rent for $50 per day with driver plus fuel.


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