Dumaguete Studio Apartments Fully Furnished with Pool and Free Motorbike

Dumaguete Apartments with Pool and Free Motorbike! Spotless Surroundings! Sixteen-foot High Electric Wall with Security Cameras!

Rated #1 in Dumaguete by TripAdvisor!

Free Fiber Optic Internet – 150,000 Mbps!

Free International Phone Calls

Dumaguete Apartments with Pool and Free Motorbike focuses on short-term rentals. We have no lease contracts to sign. Our average vacation tenant stays for a month or two. Those moving to the Philippines, stay up to six months while looking around for the perfect long-term rental. Other tenants stay for a year or more.


Our minimum stay is one week at $25 per day including a free Honda motorbike that rents downtown for $7 per day. The monthly rate is $18.50 per day including free motorbike that rents downtown for $7.00 per day! Our price is dirt cheap considering our free motorbike, beautiful swimming pool, 150,000 Mbps Internet, free international calls, and 16-foot security wall.

Small Extra Charge for Utilities

Electric, cooking gas, and water is charged separately. The average cost is about $1.50 per day. There are no hidden charges! However, you are responsible for physical damages to the apartment and to the FREE MOTORBIKE! You also pay for flat tires. As security for the bike and the apartment, we require a $500 refundable deposit or you can put your passport in our safe as security. The refundable deposit is only $200 if you do not use the bike.

We pay for all mechanical repairs on the bike and the apartment. Repairs are usually done within 6 hours. Our apartments are FULLY FURNISHED! All you need to bring is your clothes and a bathing suit. By the way, we are NOT DRUNK FRIENDLY so find another place if you like to drink more than a few beers a day! Smoking is allowed only in our smoking den.

Email dsapoolside@gmail.com with any questions.


Poolside Dumaguete Studio Apartments

Dumaguete Studio Apartments Fully Furnished with Pool and FREE Motorbike


Fiber Optic Internet (150,000 Mbps) with Wi-Fi modems in each room!

Each unit also has a large flat-screen cable TV, large bathroom with hot shower, fan, and air conditioning. They are fully furnished with linens, cookware, towels, microwave and more. No other place in the Philippines is as clean, safe, and secure.

Dumaguete Studio Apartments Fully Furnished with Pool and FREE Motorbike


Marisa is the big boss. She manages the restaurant and books reservations and schedules laundry and maid service. Marisa will take messages and make appointments for you. And she will also handle any medical needs. Her cell # is 063-0927-320-2111  Our landline “+63-035-421-1343.” We live on the premises. If you get sick and need to go to a hospital or to a doctor, lose your keys, run out of cooking gas, get stuck downtown, have an accident, blow a fuse, something breaks, or whatever happens… all you need to do is let us know and we are ready to help 24 hours per day.


free airport pickup and drop off
restaurant open for breakfast and dinner

motorbike driving lessons
free use of the pool by friends and family
manicure and pedicure
full on-site laundry service
clean purified drinking water
motorized tricycle for rent hourly
cooking gas refills
free gas and charcoal grills
maids to clean your apartment

dumaguete studio apartments

Our Main Building


Check out our construction before you move in! You will see the strongest, safest building in the Philippines. Dumaguete Studio Apartments will be the last building standing if a large earthquake ever hits Dumaguete. The building is also burglar-proof, fireproof, lightning-proof and typhoon-flood-proof. 

Just in case you don’t know it, the Philippines sets along the Ring of Firenot the safest place on Earth. Still, it’s not likely you will experience a natural disaster, but it is nice to know that you are living in a building built to deal with the worse MOTHER NATURE has to offer. Besides being a concrete fortress surrounded by 16-foot electrified walls, Dumaguete Apartments Furnished with Pool and FREE Motorbike is also the cleanest apartment complex in the Philippines! 


Dumaguete Studio Apartments Fully Furnished With Pool and FREE Motorbike.


Our beautiful pool sparkles! Our surroundings are drop dead gorgeous and we have the best security in the world. And… we are not located in the overcrowded, smoke-filled noisy center of Dumaguete City. We are 10 minutes outside of town.

Book direct with Dumaguete Apartments Furnished with Pool and FREE Motorbike.

Email dsapoolside@gmail.com or call +63-0927-320-2111

Parking at Dumaguete Apartments For Rent

PERFECT FOR YOUR FIRST VISIT:  Dumaguete Apartments with Pool and Free Motorbike is perfect for your first visit. Seriously, you need to stay in a sparkling clean super secure place until you learn the area.

Interior View Dumaguete Apartments

Interior View Dumaguete Studio Apartments… click for more interior views


Dumaguete Studio Apartments Fully Furnished with Pool and FREE Motorbike


Dumaguete Apartments are located 10 minutes due west of downtown in Barangay Candau-ay, up the big mountain on the road that goes to the geothermal power plant. Silliman University Hospital is 5 minutes away. The airport is a 10-minute trip. The shopping mall and beaches are nearby.

Dumaguete Apartments Furnished with Pool and FREE Motorbike is 10 minutes from three gyms and there are lots of off-road trails to walk or jog. There are also many trails going up the big mountain–the best workout you can get! Touring around on your free motorbike is also a great way to see the entire area.


Small buses, pedicabs, and tricycles to and from downtown zip by our gate every 5 minutes. The trip to town is 10 pesos and takes 10 minutes. The tricycle terminal serving Dumaguete Apartments is on the west side of building #2 (looking at the tall mountain) at the farmer’s market in downtown Dumaguete. Ask for the terminal to Candau-ay. It’s easy to catch public transportation to and from the farmer’s market, where you can buy fresh meat and vegetables. Or, just ride your free motorbike anywhere you want to go.

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