Dumaguete Studio Apartments With Free Motorbike!

Dumaguete Studio Apaprtments
Our apartment complex is spotless because that’s the way we want to live. Security is extreme because we like it that way! Our wall is 16 feet high and electrically charged. No one enters Dumaguete Studio Apartments unless they are invited.

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OUR RATES:  We compete mostly with local hotels. Our speciality in short term rentals with no contracts.  Minimum rental is one week for $150. We charge $550 by the month. The weekly and monthly rates include a free like-new Honda motorbike that rents locally for $200 per month. You will lot of cheaper price but most require a lease for 3 months and you don’t get a free motorbike, high-speed Internet, a beautiful pool, drop dead gorgeous surroundings that are sparkling clean, and the best security in the world.

OUR GUARANTEE:  Dumaguete Studio Apartments will gladly refund your deposit in full with a big smile if you are not 100% delighted with our location, our cleanliness, the layout of your apartment, our pool, or anything you see when you arrive. The reason is simple. We don’t want anyone staying here that is not happy. 

OUR COMPLAINTS:  Our #1 complaint is that we are too far out of town so be sure to check us out on Google Map. We are 7 km (10 minutes) from the overcrowded, smoke-filled noisy center of Dumaguete. Our #2 complaint is that the beaches are 30 minutes away.

By the way, we don’t cater to drunks and mental misfits!


dumaguete studio apartments


Tripadvisor plays bait and switch. They bait online shoppers by showing a picture of our gorgeous pool.  When you try to book with Tripadvisor or their other online affiliates, they say we have:  “No availability for your dates from these sites.”  Then they show you other places with a pool.  We never entered a contract with them for two reasons: First is we don’t let outside agents book for us because we screen carefully to keep out undesirable. Second reason is we don’t need them.

So now Tripadviser tries to steal our customers. Don’t be fool! If you are a good person, we are the best vacation rentals in Dumaguete. And we have a better guarantee than all of the online booking agents.

BOOK DIRECT  Email us at dsapoolside@gmail.com. Our local cell number is 0927-320-2111.

Dumaguete Studio Apartments

PERFECT FOR YOUR FIRST VISIT:  Dumaguete Studio Apartments is perfect for your first visit. Seriously, you need to be in a super secure place until you learn about Dumaguete. As an example, I just saw an ad for a cheap apartment in a drug-infested area. It looked great!  But there is no way a new arrival would know the danger they’d be in living there. You can sense bad areas in the US or in Europe but not in the Philippines. The nice houses and the rundown shacks are often setting side by side. There’s no way for you to know the dangerous areas. You need to be here for a week at least.

Interior View Dumaguete Apartments
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No other place in the Philippines is as clean, safe, and secure as Dumaguete Studio Apartments. Not only is our building extremely secure, it is earthquake, lightning, fire, typhoon, tsunami, flood, burglar, and terrorists-proof! Safety was and is our 1st priority. Staying safe should be yours too. You never know when all hell will break loose!

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The first thing that caught my eye when I arrived in the Philippines 20 years ago was all the tall security fences, barbed wire, and pawn shops. I soon learned thievery and petty crime was common. Methamphetamine (shamu) is cheap in the Philippines but most druggies don’t have jobs so they steal to get high. Foreign tourists make the best targets because they have more expensives toys that can easily be sold at the pawn shops downtown. Seriously, want to know how dangerous an area is, count the pawn shops. The thieves will pawn your stolen computer or camera and the pawn shop will ship them an hour later to a branch office on another Island. Drug attics here are not violent, but they are the best cat burglars you’ll never see! 

Dumaguete Studio Apartments

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