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$150 per week includes free motorbike


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dumaguete studio apartments

Capt. David Williams

Dumaguete Studio Apartments is the safest place in the world! I built it to be a fortress because I believe no matter where you go in the world today, your safety should be your #1 priority.

I’ve lived in the Philippines 20 years. I don’t want to come back to the US because I’m afraid of all the violence.

The greatest danger in Dumaguete City is not terrorists; it’s MOTHER NATURE. If an earthquake, tsunami, or super-typhoon hits downtown, there is a good chance the city will be flattened. Few cities in the Philippines are safe because no one follows the building codes. They just kickback a few pesos to the building inspector and build on the lowdown cheap. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Dumaguete and your life is important, the main thing you need to worry about is will your temporary residence survive an earthquake, tsunami, flood, fire, or a super typhoon. The second most important thing you need to worry about is thievery. Will your temporary residence being broken into and your computer, passport, cell phone, credit cards, and all your money get stolen. 

Thieves in Dumaguete are not physically dangerous; they are cat burglars. They’ll sneak into your place and rob you blind while you are sleeping or while you’re gone. Hundreds of foreigners have had to go around town begging other foreigners for money to go home.

If you want to see what safety looks like in Dumaguete, just take one look at Dumaguete Studio Apartments. It was built to be earthquake-proof, fireproof, burglarproof, and even typhoon-proof. The reason I built in so much safety is because know the real dangers in Dumaguete. No other fully furnished apartments can offer you the safety and security you will find at Dumaguete Studio Apartments. Besides a fortress and a storm shelter, Dumaguete Studio Apartments is also the cleanest apartment complex in Dumaguete City because my wife is a clean freak.

If you want to live in a clean, safe place, send an email to dwms07@gmail.com and I’ll send you much more information. Or call me on Skype at “dw-williams”

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You can also email my wife Marisa at marizwilliams@gmail.com Her local cell is 0927-320-2111 Our local landline is 035-421-1343.

Dumaguete Studio Apartments offers free ultra high-speed Internet with Wi-Fi modems in each room. We have static IPs and 10 Mbs data download with 5 different modems supplying data. We have the fastest reliable Internet in Dumaguete because many of our tenants stocktrade or do other work on the Internet.

Each unit has a large flat-screen cable TV, large bathroom with hot shower, fan, and air conditioning. They are fully furnished with linens, cookware, towels, microwave, large new refrigerators, and everything else you need to live comfortably. (see picture below)


Dumaguete Studio Apartments Pool

Dumaguete Studio Apartments is Also For Sale (link)

Dumaguete Studio Apartments is an ideal place the land. Stay one week in November for $125 US dollars and we will throw in a FREE HONDA MOTORBIKE ($50 value). December prices will increase to $150 per week with the same free motorbike.

No drunks please! There’s nothing wrong with a few beers or glass of wine, but if you like to get drunk, do not apply here. We are unfriendly to drunks! Smoking is allowed outside the main building in two smoking areas served with Wi-Fi.

Dumaguete Studio Apartments is located 5 minutes west of downtown in Barangay Candau-ay, up the big mountain on the road that goes to the geothermal power plant (map and directions). Silliman University Hospital is 5 minutes away. The airport is a 10-minute trip. The shopping mall and beaches are nearby.


free airport pickup and drop off
full laundry service

clean purified drinking water
motorized tricycle for rent hourly

cooking gas refills
free large gas grill
free charcoal grills
new 4-door pickup for rent

Dumaguete Studio Apartments Pool

Dumaguete Studio Apartments is For Sale (link)

Dumaguete Studio Apartments Are Fully Furnished

Dumaguete Studio Apartments are fully furnished

Dumaguete Studio Apartments For Rent

inquire to dwms07@gmail.com