Apartment Resort For Sale Philippines

Apartment Resort For Sale Philippines

Dumaguete City

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Apartment Resort For Sale Philippines



Apartment Resort For Sale Philippines. From the Philippines, call cell at 0927-320-2111 or our land line at 63-35-421-1343. From the US dial 1-336-645-3360 between 6 AM and 11 AM Eastern Standard Time. Or, send email to dwms07@gmail.com   Skype phone: dw-williams or dsa.marisa



Apartment Resort For Sale Philippines (12 units expandable to 42 units) plus detached owners house. Most important, EVERY unit including the owner’s house is fully furnished. You are buying everything! In addition, there is a large swimming pool, restaurant, motorbike rentals, and an attached back lot for expanding to 42 units!

Apartment Resort For Sale Philippines is a fully furnished and fully occupied luxury apartment complex. You start making money from the day the deal closes. I hand you the keys and leave everything as you see it except my personal items. No waiting around 5 years building up repeat customers. The rental bikes are in perfect condition and a private tricycle is included. Everything goes to you including 12 fully furnished units and a fully furnished owner’s house. All are fully air condition with 16 new flat-screen televisions, stoves, microwave ovens, pots and pans, towels, and much more. Look everything over at the following site:



As mentioned above, included is an attached 600-square meter vacant lot where you can add up to 30 apartments. You can see the property on this Google satellite map. Look for the outline of the pool. Directly behind the pool and attached to the same property is the expansion lot that goes free with the deal. Being able to expand is a gigantic plus that I planned to do until I got sick.

We need more units. None of the big hotels in town have a swimming pool. No one can beat our pool at anywhere near the price. It is a huge draw that cost 5 million pesos. You could easily fill another 30 units and kick your income to the moon.

The guest in the new back building would have full access to the pool and restaurant by simply opening large archways to the pool. An easy job since this was in the original planning. The new owner can quickly expand to a 42-unit extended stay hotel-apartment complex. The new units would triple current profits.  Appreciation is expected to be 10% per year. Dumaguete is the fastest-growing city in the Philippines.



Or, even better, you could convert the entire set up to condominiums and sell each for at least~$60,000 US dollars. Gross selling price for 42 units will be $2,520,000. plus the sale of the owner’s house would be another $150,000. In other words, there is huge potential for a big profit in a very short time.  Look us up on TripAdvisor by clicking below:



Our occupancy rate averages 95% year-round. Hundreds of repeat tenants coming back constantly. Facilities maintained in 100% perfect condition. No repairs needed; not even small repairs. No paint needed. NOTHING BROKEN. Everything in perfect condition!

We also have high-speed Internet with 6 phone lines and 15 different wi-fi modems. Moreover, this complex is super clean all around with a well-trained staff. There is also a 16-foot security wall. In addition, there are security video cameras everywhere. The cleanest most secure place in the Philippines. You must see this jewel to appreciate the value!

One other point, Dumaguete has never been hit by a category 3 cyclone. The mountains in the area steer the storms to the left or right of Dumaguete. We’ve been hit by rain, but this place was built with drainage all around so flood damage is totally out of the question


Apartment Resort For Sale Philippines

If needed, the owner will remain on the property as manager for 2 months.


Apartment Building-Resort Sale

apartment resort for sale Philippines

apartment building-resort sale dumaguete philippines

Apartment Resort For Sale Philippines