apartment interior

The mattress is new and feels a bit firm. Raise it up and you’ll find lots of hidden storage space. There is also lots of storage on the third floor. A studio apartment is roomy if you do not clutter it up with all sorts of empty luggage and other large and small items. That’s why we highly recommend storing as much as possible under the mattress and on the third floor.  

The closet has lots of hangers and shelves for storage. You’ll also find extra sheets, towels, and pillowcases.

The sun is a bit bright outside but we still wanted to show you what your apartment might look and feel like if you open the front door. 

And here’s a view looking in from the front sidewalk.

This is what you see walking in. Notice the big 52″ Sony Smart TV.

Side view of the front window.

The dresser mirror caught my flash.

Notice the big Sony Smart TV that can hook up to our 100,000 Mbps Fiber-Optic Internet to download movies. 

Another view of the closet. There is lots of storage room on top of the closet. Remember, a studio is very comfortable if you don’t have a lot of “stuff” laying scatter around.

The apartment is perfect and cozy for two persons.

It’s a lot easier to clean a studio than it is a 2 bedroom house.

The kitchen counter

View towards the front window.

Both the toilet and the shower have large safety grip bars to prevent accidental falls. Very helpful for us old guys!

The hot water heater is easy to operate.

The outside washbasin for dishes and hand wash laundry.

Two-burner outside gas stove, fire extinguisher and water meter with shut-off valve. An outside kitchen prevents cooking smells from entering the apartment. Nor do you get grease splattered inside.

Purified bottled water on the right. First one is Free. We have refills in stock at $1.00 delivered.

Another front view.

Our main building where you will live.

Notice the oscillating fan and the new 52″ Sony Smart TV.

Looking in the front window.

The bathroom

Triple locks on both front and back doors!

Part view of kitchen area!

More kitchen!

More Kitchen!

More kitchen and the air condition unit!

Close up of the Closet and computer table.

Looking out the front window.